Kick or bout.

So there’s a bit of a five-a-side session that’s been going on for the last few weeks! The pitch is amazing, you have to navigate this sort of industrial complex before you get there.


Not really a single clue that you’re heading towards a football pitch. In any other country in the world I think I’d be like “Nah, this can’t be it lets get back on the main road”. Here there’s no telling. Sure enough, there’s a hint of what’s to come.


This ground itself is literally like a pitch from FIFA Street. Except we’re really not particularly ‘street’, we can’t break dance (except Billy) so it’s basically 5-a-side in a shanty town. I love it though, it’s precisely what I had been expecting. Smells of sewage, ‘astro-turf’ that destroys your flesh upon contact and a nice panorama of washing lines and cheap communist housing.


Nice to get some exercise, though it screws you after not having played for a while. Bizarrely enough my asthma is fine just my legs wreck. There’s obviously some esoteric Chinese pollutant I’m inhaling that is simultaneously curing my asthma and dissolving my legs. Asthmatic paraplegics watch this space, the ideal medical breakthrough is on its way! (Sorry.)


Off to Hong Kong soon so should have some more news. This time from somewhere!


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