Hong Kong 2: Hong Konger

Part two. 


After a couple of months in Fuzhou, Hong Kong felt like a return to recognisable culture. People driving on our side of the road with some kind of appreciable respect for their own lives, western food and people speaking English. If I’d been visiting Hong Kong thinking it would be ‘real’ China I would have been a bit disappointed, but as a retreat it was fantastic. It’s kind of like England-Town in China rather than the, more usual, vice versa. Which just seems like fucking nirvana after you’ve just been living in a place where people can eat jellied chicken feet with genuine excitement.


I had a pretty grim chest infection during our visit so my photos are pretty blurry as I was taking them in a bit of a haze but I’m hoping some of them can convey a bit of how this place is a proper metropolis. A lot of the streets are multi-level so you have to navigate with an extra axis, which is a pain in the neck when you can’t really breathe or see very well. I’ve seen some good city skylines in my time and Hong Kong definitely holds up. It has an advantage in that there is a natural vantage point. Nothing like being able to get up a mountain and see a whole city, especially one as amazing as Hong Kong. We also got some great views from the ICC building, which I think stands for Incredibly Colossal Construction or something. 4th biggest building in the world at the moment so pretty cool. 


The main thing I took from the place was that this is a real ‘uber’ city, in the same way that New York appeared to be. But it is somehow more condensed. It feels smaller, cleaner and, as such, perhaps a little less ‘epic’ in terms of scale but amazing in it’s own way. An easily accessible vantage point is something that works hugely in it’s favour, the night time skyline viewed from the mountain was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. Definitely worth a visit, but while you’re already this far make sure to take a trip over to real China! I’ll save you some jellied chicken feet.


In typical fashion the hostel was full of interesting people doing various interesting things. Looking forward to hostelling some more in the coming months. Speaking of which, recently visited a place called Quanzhou which I recall with significantly more lucidity so I will do a more interesting write up of that soon.



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