I Don’t Mean To Impose, But I Am Nature

Bloody hell it can rain here. I mean really rain. It was raining so hard last week my bus driver got out of his seat and hit the bloke standing next to me in the face. (May have just been inexplicable Chinese behaviour, but it was raining like hell)

I thought I was pretty familiar with rain living in Cumbria, I thought we had a solid relationship wherein I understood basic things like roughly when it would occur, how to prevent being soaked by it etc. But I understood it about as well as someone who has lit a cigarette understands catastrophic wildfire.


(The above street will have been dry literally 5 minutes earlier.)

Here it comes out of nowhere. There is a very real ‘here we go…’ factor. No warning, just surprise torrential downpour. And with it comes the thunder and lightning. Of course, like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m glad of the roof on the apartment, a tropical storm at night, when it’s really going for it, is something to behold.

We are getting one really solid storm about once a week at the moment, summer is starting to kick in. Today was about 32 degrees and 90%-95% humidity.. Pretty rough to be honest and it’s not even the height of summer.  But just now it has started to break and the lightning has begun, which means tomorrow should be nicer. The humidity just builds and builds and then explodes, resetting the whole thing.

Glad I’ve got my trusty new fan. My new favourite possession, it has various unnecessary settings, such as simulated wind which alternates the speed and direction at random, which persuaded me to purchase it and I have no regrets other than that I genuinely need a ridiculous fan like this. Bring on the winter.


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