What’s in the bag?

We’ve been waiting to get the Air Conditioner in our living room to be fixed for a little while now. Temperatures are hovering around 40 degrees so I was pretty happy to find out Air Conditioner Man was due to pay us a visit.

Bloke came in. Quick ‘ow do in Chinese. He’s got a couple of bags with him that I assume are just full of cleaning gear and electrical equipment. I turn around for a minute to turn off the music I’ve got on.

I turn back around and the guy is putting on a bloody climbing harness.

My immediate thoughts:

1. This about to get really ‘China’ really quickly.

2. Where the hell is my camera.

Sure enough fixing the air conditioner is a process that appears to have little to do with the air conditioner itself and much more to do with climbing out of my kitchen window. This I learned today.


Oh god, he’s going to do it.


He’s totally doing it.


Well, nothing I can do now. I’m sure he’s fine. I’ll just go and wash my sweaty palms…

Air conditioner seems fine now, just needed someone to climb around outside for a bit to motivate it to work.