So, if you exclusively read this, last you heard I’m in Fuzhou waving flashcards at kids for a living.

Time for an update.

I’m now mostly waving flashcards at adults for a living. Under the loose term ‘adults’ I’m grouping a sort of petit bored-eois group of housewives, some high-school drop outs who’ve failed even to successfully drop out of education and some pretty eccentric business people. This is a huge improvement given the lower levels of classroom defecation and the increased levels of meaningful conversation.

I’ve also been living in a city called Xiamen (Pronounced ‘sea-ahh-men’ if you want to be accurate, or ‘X-men’ if you just want to be awesome) for the past few months. It’s nice coastal city, the sea serving as a convenient place to store pollutants that isn’t the air, with a pretty big expat community. Climate is lovely.

Since last doing a ‘life’ post I’ve been to a few places and given no updates on here. Here’s a little compilation of some shots…

On my way to Shenzhen now for the flight to Kuala Lumpur. More updates soon!


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